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Aina Nadzir
Sthing interesting happened last weekend (on top of the fact ma WHOLE fam stayed over at ma place in KJ) when we brought Zafran for a swim in the condo pool.

We made a deal to bring Zafran for a swim in the condo pool when he came over. The water was not very clean however, but since it's not TOO bad, we let him play around for a while anyways. There was another lil boy playing in the pool with him too. Was pretty fun.
After splashes of water and maybe around 10mins of fun in the pool, we took zafran out to dry him up and feed him some tit bits.

Then came a lady in short hair, with dark brown robe..with a handsize cross hanging on her chest and a bible in her hand. I was like "woh..." what an entry. Suddenly she just stopped beside us, started yelling on how she cant understand why we were swimming in the dirty pool and going on and on about skin desease and this and that. The lil chinese boy who was still in the pool jump out of the pool immediately. None of us responded to her. So she walked on..stopped again started to mumble again..then just stared at all of us.

With all due respect, the message was there. Even we knew that. And on some level we would give her some credit for pointing that out. But it was the way she said it. She was literally just yelling at all of us! This is a lady who was dressed up in such a way to portray how holy she is, but when she 'preached' she was just literally yelling at us. Who the heck is even gonna pay attn to you that way?

I mean seriously, the intention was good. But no matter what the message is, it is important how you deliver it. Portraying yourself as religious as that has weight to it too. You carry your religion's values and beliefs with you outwardly (just like how muslims in hijabs). You can't just go yelling at strangers to get your point across!

She then sat at the patio by the pool and read her bible. Aini was saying "maybe she's guarding the pool now.." :P
Aina Nadzir
Life is all about change! And so is ma blog. :D

Found an awesome template. It is so me! Coffee always keep me going and keep me writing! :D
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.....i feel the fresh new air. Hahahaha!

Ok...i've gotta get ma ass away from the lappie!!

Aina Nadzir
Finally! Found the reason to my migrains when ever I have full day back to back meetings or when I'm cooped up in the building for the whole day. I need my "cigi breaks"!!!

When I say 'cigi'..i don't mean cigerates ofcourse. I'm allergic to those! (and i find it a stupid thing anywyas, no offense). I need ma breaks..of FRESH AIR.

Yesterday I was in a brand workshop from 9am- 7pm..and during those hours I was literally in The Gardens Hotel at all times! I didn't even feel the sun or fresh air for even a split second and it drove me crazy! By 3 migrain attacked me..and by 7pm I was half dead. I was tired and lost ma appetite. Then only I realise...I've gotta get ma "cigi breaks" like how those cigi-addicts does. The only diff is i just need to breath in for fresh air!

So to those who suffers migrain like me..and forever sitting infront of the computer..try this might just work! :D

Aina Nadzir
Aduhai...really la..what's happening to the world! The good thinks they r not good. The bad thinks they r good..or pretending that they are. The lazy acts like they are hardworking, the hardworking looks like they r lazy! Haiyooooooooooo!!!

Yesterday I came across a blog of an old acquaintance. Omg..I'm sorry la. I hardly judge someone from their size, but this is too much! TOO MUCH!

When you look like that, why the hell are you dressed that way?? There are descent way to dress whether you are a pin size or obese! Pls, stop living in denial! Look in the mirror and find your TRUE self. Yes ppl always say "screw what ppl think" but that only works to some extend! when you are that big..n dress up like you are size 0...err..seriously sthing is wrong with your super confidence la ma dear. Then again.. maybe this generation of really big peeps have higher confidence than before kot. Tp, dress up tastefully lah. Look at many of the bigger size celebrities..some dresses up well.

Remember..."less is more" doesnt apply to clothing!!! 


Aina Nadzir
Gosh...It has been way too long since I shopped for myself. Since I got married, every dime I have I put priority for the house or ma hubby. Believe it or not, but I havent gotten myself a new pair of working shoe since I got married last August!!! That's 8 months!! My God! I used to get a pair if not 2 PER MONTH!

I must say, its a mix emotion really. Today i decided to shop sthing for me. Since I got ma bonus 2 weeks ago, I havent gotten maself anything special. I've gotten shafiq something..and belanja ppl..but not anything for maself. I always look at those young mothers who put their kids before their looks and tot to maself i never wanna turn out that way. But here i am, not even a mother yet, but have put maself 3rd or 4th in line after everyone and everything else when comes to spending money on! What the hell? Every lil dime I have xtra Ill think of what else can I do for ma home? Or for Shafiq? Or for ma fam? Or for ma friends. I forgot about maself. Again, I'm not even a mother yet!

So, with aze's and shafiq's force, Aze accompanied me shopping today. Got maself 2 pairs of new working shoes (which I was reluctant to buy at first..not cos it wasnt nice, just i said..ive lost the drive to do so..i always think of what i can do wth that money for others) and 2 khakis (huge bargain man!! 25bucks each! crazy!!!! never gotten a pants that cheap!) Ofcourse the day will not be completed if i hadnt spend sthing on shafiq OR the house. I got him a khakis and shorts, and some stuff for the house :P

Anyways, I'm glad i did the shopping. Ive gotta get back in gear. I cant lose who I am just bcos I'm married. I've gotta start putting myself as priority back. It's time to get back in the game!!



Aina Nadzir
I was so bump by the prev template i had. So finally decided to find another new one. And i found it!!! I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE this template! It is so me! (at least 1 part of me :D)

What a motivation to post! :D Hehehe..will post up the many entries ive been procrastinating to post since ever! :D

C yah~


Aina Nadzir
It's time for new image for Frozen Sound! :D I found this cute background image while googling for new template. Originally wanted to use this jeans template I found earlier ..but maybe a lil too edgy? Hahaha. 

This may be a lil too cute, but so what??  I love it! :D